My name is Mauro and I am in my fifties. I am half South African and half Italian, this not because one of my parents was South African, but because I lived in S.A. for many years.

Some years ago I was diagnosed with having Parkinson’s disease (characterized by rigidity of muscles and shaking). Furthermore I lost my balance, so I am forced to use a wheel chair to get around, if you look at the bright side, the wheel chair enables me to do whatever I like and go everywhere. If this is not yet enough, I am also blind because my optic nerves are lazy and do not work properly. Maybe in the distant future the eye-specialists (perhaps an electrician) can change the “wiring system” (nervous system), so that whoever has my disorder will be able to see again. Dreams … Dreams … Dreams…, but then who knows. As you can imagine, this situation effects my daily tasks and the things I normally do.

I think a lot, that’s not because I have got nothing better to do, simply because my temperament is that of a thinker and I am thoughtful type, so I have a lot of memories and thoughts to recall.

My mind spins like a top and out comes all sorts of ideas and faraway memories, this helps me to temporary forget my actual condition of a blind “shaker” sitting in a wheel chair.  In this condition I see everything with my memory’s eyes, I walk, run, run with the memory’s legs, swim, climb up mountains, all these things I did a long time ago.

I will try to write my stories as best as I can to be pleasant and funny, even though I know it will not always be like that, because not everything is always so humor and pleasant.  I will deal with all kinds of arguments, starting from my difficulties, the daily problems I face and my way to resolve them, the awkward situations and the way I get out of them,  going through my memories, fishing up from the years in S.A. – when I was young and still healthy -, touching my experiences and arriving to my dreams. Furthermore I will write about my feelings and the tricks I use to accept my condition. Finally I will tell you other stories that are made up from my fantasy and nothing else.

I invite you to sit back and enjoy yourself.

Good reading to you all.