About Bugs

I am an amateur writer of true life stories. I was born in 1957 in South Africa, married an Italian and have lived in Italy since 2000. I have many pleasant and also some sad memories of my journey through life. I would like to share it with anybody who is also interested in the smaller and more simplistic issues of life.

Building Teenage Muscle

During the early seventies I played a lot of sport at school. It was that which convinced me to get out of bed daily, to get dressed into an ugly grey school uniform and to make my way to the schooldesks which I really abhorred. Rugby was my favourite and I weighed a mere fifty […]

My First Real Car!

When I finished police college in 1976 my dad bought me a second hand Citroen DS. It was known for its aerodynamic futuristic body design and innovative technology, including a hydro pneumatic self levelling suspension. Also nicknamed “shark” or “babel mouth” as a result of its sharp shaped front. It had excellent comfort, ride quality, […]

Summers of Sunshine and Water

We were extremely fortunate to have grown up in a country and city where the sun brought potential quality and opportunity to our young innocent lives. During most of my school life I lived in a city called Pietermaritzburg. It was also called “The sleepy hollow” because it was located in a deep valley surrounded […]

Experiencing Nature can be Surprisingly Shocking!

Living in Africa taught us a lot about nature and even when living in an urban environment you could encounter some new or unknown species of life. For a few years I lived in a beautiful coastal town on the East Coast called Margate. I bought an old house next to a river which sat […]

Spending Time with a Legend

In 1978 I bought a good second-hand Honda XL 350 scrambler from a famous motorcycle racing rider, Rodney Gray. Its engine had been modified to a 420 cc capacity and had power far in excess of my needs. In fact it scared me in the beginning, but I finally got used to it and was […]

How We Passed Time in the Industrial Age

Growing up as a teenager in the seventies was a complete different kettle of fish compared to today’s Information Age. Now teenagers get fat sitting on their beds playing electronic games on their iPads and other fancy gadgets. South Africa although seen as the Switzerland of Africa was still far behind Europe in many ways. […]

Rock Spiders vs Rooinekke

South Africa is historically an ex British colony and had an influx of various European immigrants during and after the seventeenth century. They arrived from Britain, Holland, France, and Germany, and more so when it was discovered that South Africa was rich in gold, diamonds and other precious resources. Apart from the many original tribal […]