The Old Diver

During the long weekends spent camping on the South Coast of Natal, I found it a good habit to take long morning walks on the seashore where the cold sea water washes on the sand and wets your feet with its white foam. One Sunday morning while I was taking my daily stroll my attention […]

My White Mini

One day while visiting a friend of my parents I came to know that his Mini, which he used to use for work and which he kept under a tree in his garden, didn’t want to start. I don’t know how it came about but talking about cars and other things we decided to make […]

The Tumbling Pigeons

I liked a friend of mine’s hobby, that was breeding and taming pigeons. Birds which are normally considered noisy and messy. To us these birds were on the contrary fascinating and unusual. His pigeons were of a special kind called tumblers. The pigeons which, although at first glance looked all the same, were very different […]

Bugs! If it Wasn’t the 13th October, it Would Be Just an Ordinary Day

In Italy it is said that one starts a new life after his 50’s. Since I forgot to give you this advice in the last years, I invite you now to get going. You may ask: “To do what?”. Only you know the answer. My dear friend, on this special day we wish you a […]

Happy Birthday Charlene!

Dear Charlene, As you once said, this website is meant to keep us closer together. So, on this special day, although we are far in kilometers we feel very close to you in mind and heart and wish you a very happy birthday! Mauro Marta Leo

To My Old Friends

8 August 2012 Dear Mrs. Tinky (Hopsing), Bugs, Serafina, Priscilla, Charlene, Martie, Hans, Maryke, and Santo, It’s been a long time that I should have written to you all but the inspiration to write came only recently. This is why I am a little out of time to express some thoughts I had in mind. […]