Bugs! If it Wasn’t the 13th October, it Would Be Just an Ordinary Day

Birthday Cake

Photo by Richard Giles

In Italy it is said that one starts a new life after his 50’s. Since I forgot to give you this advice in the last years, I invite you now to get going. You may ask: “To do what?”. Only you know the answer.

My dear friend, on this special day we wish you a very serene future, all the riches you desire and of course a very happy birthday!


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I am a scribbler of my far away memories. I am Italian and when I was little I landed up with my family in South Africa, where I remained until I was 22 years old. Then I came back to Italy, where I live. Writing life stories about myself and to share them with who desires to read them, helps me to tackle the hardships of life! [Read More]


  1. Thanks for the good wishes. I have indeed started a new life and plan to become the oldest bug in Italy. It is a big challenge as I see they grow older than hundred sometimes. Anyway I hope I won’t become too much of a bug to everybody when I grow very old.

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