A Donkey Walk

The school rugby games took place in the winter season. During that time every Saturday morning, under the sun or pouring rain, every school had rugby teams playing matches against one another. Bugs and I together with our team mates, prepared ourselves body and mind and practiced very hard in order to tackle the games […]

Am I Really That Old?

This morning after I spoke to my daughter on the phone and to my grandson (the phone was on speakerphone) I suddenly realized how things have changed over the years. It is very true that time waits for non-one! It suddenly dawned on me that I am racing at a head-spinning speed towards 70! By […]

An Ordinary School Day

One of my biggest problems I had to face when I attended school was the lack of time to do everything I wished and needed to do. I never seemed to find time to do my homework no matter all my good intentions. During the day I was very busy because until 3 o’clock I […]

All That Shines is Not Gold

When we moved to Pietermaritzburg my father thought that the college was a good school for me. I was seven years old when I went to a private college in that city, in which it was possible to attend all your school life. That means from class one to standard 10 (grade 1 to grade […]

My School Life in a Convent

I am Dorothy but also known as Tinky and Hopsing. Today at the age of eighty I look back into the far past and share with my special friend Mauro some of my life experiences. I could possibly write a book but it would take a long time. I was eight years old when my […]