A Lucky Day

One evening at dinner, when I lived in the flat, the old man was talking about his work, saying that he would have had the possibility to advance in his career. He would have had to submit an application form together with several documents.

For the past days he and Hopsing had managed to get together the necessary documents, but they could not find the one he needed most, although they had looked for it everywhere: the trade diploma for carpenter.

The old man looked as if he was very worried, because without that document he could not be recognized as a qualified carpenter.

Anyway an interesting TV program came on and caught our attention and we didn’t talk about this matter anymore.

Some days later, I was tidying up the flat. There were many cardboard boxes full of books. So I started to empty out the smallest and one by one I would take a book out, flick through the pages and put it on the shelf in my room.

Opening an old geography book I found between its pages a sheet of faded paper. As soon as I read the top line, I realized that it was the certificate everybody was looking for.

Without hesitating I took it to Hopsing who after having put on her glasses and read it, with a big smile asked me where I had found it.

We decided to surprise the old man so we put it on the table amongst some magazines. When the old man came home we sat around the table to drink a cup of tea and Hopsing asked him to pass her a magazine.

As soon as he picked it up he saw his diploma and he could not believe his eyes. Then we saw a big smile on his face. “This is it!” he said. “How did it come to be here?”

We all celebrated the finding of the certificate with another cup of tea and some wonderful cake. The old man made his application and got a promotion and a raise in salary.

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I am a scribbler of my far away memories. I am Italian and when I was little I landed up with my family in South Africa, where I remained until I was 22 years old. Then I came back to Italy, where I live. Writing life stories about myself and to share them with who desires to read them, helps me to tackle the hardships of life! [Read More]

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