Bloody Mist

One cold winter late evening I was riding alone on the road with my 50cc motorbike. I was going back home from a trip to Midmar Dam.

I suddenly found myself in a very thick mist which was like a white wall in the bright light beam of the motorbike. I knew that road very well, moreover there was a line of the so called cat’s eyes in the middle of the tarmac, which helped one stay in the middle of the road even in the dark and bad conditions.

I still had ten kilometers to go when the mist became even thicker and I decided to slow down. No sooner had I inserted the second gear, that I violently collided up against a trailer which was abandoned in the middle of the road. My handle-bars were bent backwards and the front wheel went under the trailer. I felt great pain on my knuckles and I got a big fright.

As soon as I realized what had happened, I got back on the saddle tried to get the bike started again. I was very cold and I could not wait to arrive home and go to bed. To my relief my 50cc, although it had received a great blow, somehow still functioned. It must have been the cold air or the shock to cause the numbness throughout my whole body.

As soon as I reached my flat, I got into my bed under the thick and warm blankets and I fell asleep immediately. In the morning I woke up to a big surprise: a pain just under my chin and blood everywhere on the sheets and on the pillow. I felt so worried that I called out loud for help. Luckily Bugs was there and came immediately. He told me that I had a big open cut under my chin and suggested he take me to the hospital because I probably needed some stitches to close it.

When we left the first aid ward my face was again clean. Furthermore there was a decoration of five black stitches just under my chin.

From this experience I have a nice scar to remind me of that dark and cold misty night.

About Mauro

I am a scribbler of my far away memories. I am Italian and when I was little I landed up with my family in South Africa, where I remained until I was 22 years old. Then I came back to Italy, where I live. Writing life stories about myself and to share them with who desires to read them, helps me to tackle the hardships of life! [Read More]


  1. Thanks for the latest story my friend.

    It brings back such memories and I think if our bikes could have talked they would have given us many more surprises of what we got up to.

    They were our treasures above all treasures come to think of it and today kids have apple phones to keep them occupied but I would never have swopped my M10 for a electronic gadget.

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