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Experience taught me how to get along, resolve problems that my illness brings with it, extreme tiredness, aches, pains and stiffness throughout my body. To minimize this from happening too often I have found a method to come to terms with Parkinson’s and its pit falls, without having side effects. First thing I have to find and put a limit on what I can and cannot do. If I put my own limit and respect it I can only get a lot of benefits. For example I ride my exercise bike for my maximum limit of 8km and when I reach it I feel very satisfied.

Exercise bike

Exercise bike - photo by Tom

If I don’t put any limit and I don’t feel tired, I could cycle for many more kilometers. In that case I would make the error of overdoing it, without being satisfied because without a limit I would not know when to stop and in the end I would also ask myself “why not go on?” That’s because I’m feeling well.

The result of all this is that the next day I would for sure feel not only physically overtired, but also unsatisfied and so for the next few days my body will ache and my muscles will not respond properly to my commands because they are overworked. As long as I feel so bad I will not want to go near the exercise bike, this shows the importance of not exceeding the limit that I previously established.

Only in this way I can keep fit by riding 8km, I will be satisfied with my achievement and go for a ride every day.

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  1. Good for you Mauro to stick to your limits. I on the other hand push myself beyond my limits when we go riding on our bicycles and then pay dearly for it afterwards, but then next time I do it all over again..

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