Building Teenage Muscle

During the early seventies I played a lot of sport at school. It was that which convinced me to get out of bed daily, to get dressed into an ugly grey school uniform and to make my way to the schooldesks which I really abhorred. Rugby was my favourite and I weighed a mere fifty […]

Be satisfied and live better!

Experience taught me how to get along, resolve problems that my illness brings with it, extreme tiredness, aches, pains and stiffness throughout my body. To minimize this from happening too often I have found a method to come to terms with Parkinson’s and its pit falls, without having side effects. First thing I have to […]

Out Cycling Around Galliate

The Dutchman and I often go cycling on the farm roads around our town and then also in the Ticino Park (bordering our town) there are special cycle/pedestrian paths among the trees which also lead to the banks of the Ticino River. It is such a pleasurable outing, young and old make use of these […]