On The Banks Of The Dusi

The Dusi is the river that with its brown water lazily flows through Pietermaritzburg. Its wide banks are crossed by many foot paths that intertwine with each other. These paths are made by the constant use of the natives who go to their houses or to the bus stops or what have you. They were […]

The Terror of Snakes

During the second year that we were in South Africa we finally found and moved to a house in Merrivale, a place not far from Howick, where there were green maize fields all around. Before this we had been living in a hotel. The dwelling wasn’t just an ordinary house but it was a “Rondavel”. […]

The Rabbits’ Revenge

A long time ago, in the center of Pietermaritzburg, not far away from my house, there was a big general market where besides fresh fruit and vegetables, they also sold small animals like pigeons and rabbits. One early morning my dad and I decided to go and have a look at this market without the […]

Shooting Animals

Once a school friend invited me to spend the Christmas vacation with him and his family, because they were going to visit one of the most beautiful game reserve parks which is on the border with Mozambique, the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park. I looked forward with great pleasure to this new event, not only because […]

My Purple Jersey

During the period in which I lived in Retief Street, I saw frequent changes of inhabitants in the corner house, which was situated on the left of my garden on the corner of Retief Street and Long Market Street. I don’t know why so many changes took place, but I suppose that one of the […]

The Tumbling Pigeons

I liked a friend of mine’s hobby, that was breeding and taming pigeons. Birds which are normally considered noisy and messy. To us these birds were on the contrary fascinating and unusual. His pigeons were of a special kind called tumblers. The pigeons which, although at first glance looked all the same, were very different […]

The Surprising Daisy

When I was 21 years old and still lived in South Africa, I was obliged for one year to come to Italy in order to pay my dues in the Italian Military Air Force. I left S.A. by myself and I went to Italy to stay with my uncle and my aunt who suggested that […]