On The Banks Of The Dusi

The Dusi is the river that with its brown water lazily flows through Pietermaritzburg. Its wide banks are crossed by many foot paths that intertwine with each other. These paths are made by the constant use of the natives who go to their houses or to the bus stops or what have you. They were […]

Is This Sailing?

One day Bugs invited me to go with him to Midmar Dam to try out his new sailing boat he had bought a few days before. This boat was white and bright blue, made of fiberglass material and therefore unsinkable. It was very small, there was space for three people only. Early one Sunday morning, […]

Shooting Animals

Once a school friend invited me to spend the Christmas vacation with him and his family, because they were going to visit one of the most beautiful game reserve parks which is on the border with Mozambique, the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park. I looked forward with great pleasure to this new event, not only because […]

The Tumbling Pigeons

I liked a friend of mine’s hobby, that was breeding and taming pigeons. Birds which are normally considered noisy and messy. To us these birds were on the contrary fascinating and unusual. His pigeons were of a special kind called tumblers. The pigeons which, although at first glance looked all the same, were very different […]

Is the Desert Really Lifeless?

Once, Bugs and I decided to go for a long drive since there was a three-day weekend coming up. Without a cloud in the sky, we jumped into Bugs’ old Renault and because it was Saturday morning, we had the full three days to spend for our trip. We decided to head South. After having […]

My Place of Dreams

During my troubled adolescence in South Africa, full of family arguments, uncertainties about the future and also the beginning of my illness, I often felt the desire to spend some time alone, far from everyone, to recharge my flat batteries. I got on my motorbike and at full speed like an arrow went here and […]

Never Trust the Waves

It was a hot Tuesday afternoon and us kids were playing a war game shooting at each other with water pistols. We also used to throw hand-grenades. They consisted of a plastic bag filled with water and in the heat it was pleasant to get one of these bombs on the head. Bugs’ dad came […]

The Sun Shines, Let’s Go Out in the Garden Again!

(Part II of “When Old Age and Bad Appearance Hide Great Sweetness“) At long last, after two days of heavy rain, the sun decides to come out from behind the clouds and now shines its warm sunlight. It’s late morning, the temperature is warm, I can finally go outdoors and carry on with the description […]

Nature’s Miracles

One day our Biology school teacher came to school with a huge cardboard box. We were all very curious to see what the box hid and we asked her insistently to give us a clue to help us guess what surprise was inside. After having kept us in suspense, she told us that there were […]

When Old Age and Bad Appearance Hide Great Sweetness

Our first house in Pietermaritzburg was in Retief Street, next door to Bugs’ family house. It was very small, only two bedrooms, one dining room and the kitchen. A veranda connected all rooms. The good thing about that house was not the inside, but the outside. As a matter of fact we had a big […]