On the Wings of the Wind

Riding on my motorbike was for many years my best experience. When I lived in Pietermaritzburg, although I only had a 50cc motorbike, I spent much time with my friends riding through the bush paths pretending we were on big off-road scramblers. I cannot begin to count the number of times I fell off my […]

Hold on!!

My dear old friend, You that never betray me, you that never lose a word of what I say and remember everything always, 
you that remind me the things I have to do and where I have to go,
 you that during the night listen to my fears and make yours my thoughts You, that […]

Where is the ball?

There are people who always lose their car keys and glasses, but then find them again after much frustration. I have never lost my glasses, simply because I have never had any as they haven’t invented any that can help blind people. When I still had some sight I never lost my car keys, because […]

Pizza with Mozzarella and Tomato

I like going every now and then to a pizza restaurant, but all the things I like doing require much organization as a result of Parkinson’s. When I wish to go out with my friends to eat a good pizza I have to send someone before to the restaurant to make sure that my wheelchair […]

Real Art Cannot Be Sold

Many years ago, when my hands did not shake as much as they do now, one of my favorite hobbies was to make small wicker baskets and I used to sell them for special occasions like Christmas, Easter or other happenings. It was very difficult for me to make these baskets not only because I […]