On the Wings of the Wind

Riding on my motorbike was for many years my best experience. When I lived in Pietermaritzburg, although I only had a 50cc motorbike, I spent much time with my friends riding through the bush paths pretending we were on big off-road scramblers. I cannot begin to count the number of times I fell off my […]

Bloody Mist

One cold winter late evening I was riding alone on the road with my 50cc motorbike. I was going back home from a trip to Midmar Dam. I suddenly found myself in a very thick mist which was like a white wall in the bright light beam of the motorbike. I knew that road very […]


In South Africa, especially in the province of Natal, thunderstorms are frequent and sudden. Out of the blue come heavy gray clouds that in very short time become compact and ready for rain. Lightning rapidly flashes through the sky and with the electricity and thunderbolts seem to break the clouds. A little later water comes […]

The Cement Bridge

One Saturday morning one of my friends and I were at Bugs’ house deciding what to do. As there had been speed boat and other in-board engine boat racing at Peaties Lake the day before, we decided to go. On those occasions there was always something interesting to see. It was a period during which […]

My Place of Dreams

During my troubled adolescence in South Africa, full of family arguments, uncertainties about the future and also the beginning of my illness, I often felt the desire to spend some time alone, far from everyone, to recharge my flat batteries. I got on my motorbike and at full speed like an arrow went here and […]

Summers of Sunshine and Water

We were extremely fortunate to have grown up in a country and city where the sun brought potential quality and opportunity to our young innocent lives. During most of my school life I lived in a city called Pietermaritzburg. It was also called “The sleepy hollow” because it was located in a deep valley surrounded […]

Flying with Flying Ants

Late one night on the way home from a big party, Bugs and I were riding in the dark with our motorbikes under a fine rain. We had about a dozen kilometers to go and we already knew that we had to ride on muddy and slippery roads. As we went along the pitch-black night […]

When Crabs Come, When Crabs Go

The Indian Ocean is extremely beautiful for its wild life and vegetation that shows its versatility under the surface of the wavy water. There are fish of all kinds, many of these are hunters and many others are hunted. These try to hide among the green seaweed and orange and yellow sponges of all shapes […]

Spending Time with a Legend

In 1978 I bought a good second-hand Honda XL 350 scrambler from a famous motorcycle racing rider, Rodney Gray. Its engine had been modified to a 420 cc capacity and had power far in excess of my needs. In fact it scared me in the beginning, but I finally got used to it and was […]

Waterfalls Where Water Falls

In South Africa there are vast areas of plantations of trees which are used for the wood industry. These areas are divided more or less into huge squares. The paths that make up the boundaries of these squares are called fire breaks. They are made for the purpose of avoiding the spread of a fire […]